Enhancing European Railway Bridge Standards

InBridge 4EU aims to develop procedures to revise and enhance some of the normative criteria used to evaluate the dynamic performance of railway bridges stipulated in the Eurocodes and TSIs.​

The Project

Revolutionizing Eurocodes and TSIs for Bridge Safety

The shift to more sustainable mobility systems is one of the major priorities to accomplish the goals established by the European Green Deal to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. Railways play a crucial role in this regard, but it is essential to enhance the current resilience and capacity of the network, in particular from lifeline structures, such as bridges.

inBridge 4EU

Overall targets and objectives

InBridge4EU is aligned with the European’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) overall targets

The Context

Europe's Rail

InBridge4EU is a research project funded by the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking, whose objective is to “deliver a high capacity integrated European railway network by eliminating barriers to interoperability and providing solutions for full integration, covering traffic management, vehicles, infrastructure and services, aiming to achieve faster uptake and deployment of projects and innovations.

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