Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Madrid, Spain

UPM stands for Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Technical University of Madrid.  

The Technical University of Madrid (UPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) was founded in 1971 through the integration of the Higher Technical Schools of Engineering and Architecture, most of which existed from 150 to 200 years before. UPM covers all areas of Engineering and Architecture, with an enrolment of 30000 undergraduate students, 6500 master students and 2100 doctoral students. The teaching staff is a total 2950 professors and lecturers. 

The School of Civil Engineering of UPM (Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos) was founded in 1802 by Agustín de Betancourt, offering Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs in Civil Engineering, Materials Engineering and Structural Engineering. The school is ranked 6 worldwide in the Shanghai global ranking of academic subjects for civil engineering in 2022. Enrolment is 2020 undergraduate students, 540 master students and 190 doctoral students.  

UPM will lead WP1 and participate in various tasks from WP2, WP4, WP5 and WP6. It will act as a Beneficiary Entity coordinating a cluster of other four Spanish Affiliated Entities: UJI, UPV, UdS and ADIF, whose contributions are detailed elsewhere. The research work by UPM will be based on previous basic research on bridge dynamics within 4 competitive national research projects and applied research contributing to CEN TC250 Eurocodes as project team member for drafting the new version of EN1991-2 and EN1990-Annex A2 for bridges, CEN TC256 drafting of EN15528 (2015) and EN 15528 (2021) and special group “DIBRST – Dynamic Interface Between Bridges and Rolling Stock”. Additionally, the lead researcher has participated in the bridge expert group for ERA current TSI INF and current Task Force groups for closing Open Points in this TSI. 

Website: https://www.upm.es