The project organizational structure is given in the adjacent figure.

InBridge4EU Escalation

  • Project Coordinator (PC): UPORTO will be the PC, which will act as the main intermediary between the consortium and EU-Rail. Its roles in the project are: i) report the project’s progress to the EU-Rail; ii) chair the Technical Management Committee; iii) manage the financial funding from the project.

  • Technical Management Committee (TMC): the TMC role is to coordinate all technical aspects between WPs and ensure the link among them. It is composed by all the WP leaders, including the Coordinator (UPORTO, KTH, UPM and BAM), beneficiaries that are not WP leaders (DB NETZ AG and AVLS), affiliated entities (UPV, UJI, UdS and ADIF), associated partners (HUD) and chaired by the PC. Its main responsibilities are: i) ensure delivery of results according to the milestones and deliverables; ii) ensure the correct implementation of the actions stipulated in the Grant agreement; iii) ensure harmonisation between WPs in terms of data management; iv) coordinate technical and scientific aspects between WPs; v) review the deliverables and ensure their quality before sending them to the EU-Rail; vi) make the link between the consortium and the external regulatory bodies, namely CEN and ERA; vii) support the PC in the preparation of internal and external project meetings; viii) propose and negotiate amendments to the Grant Agreement if needed.
  • WP Leaders (WPL): each WP will have an assigned leader, who will ensure the achievement of the objectives of the respective WP and the involvement of all the involved partners. Their main responsibilities are: i) coordinate the work in each WP; ii) ensure that milestones are met and the deliverables submitted in due time; iii) manage the task leaders; iv) report to the TMC eventual delays and measures to mitigate the deviations; v) report progresses of the respective WP to the TMC;