Acoustique et Vibration Logiciels Scientifiques

Orsay, France

AVLS is a dynamics and vibration consultancy, created in 1989. We bring services (measuring and predictive simulations) in the field of structural vibrations. 

Our Company has a significant experience in the railway field and will participate in the following tasks during the InBridge4EU project: 

  • Provide rolling stock data and analysis methods to study dynamic loading interface between trains and bridge 
  • Provide dynamic measurements data and perform comparative studies for the estimation techniques of damping properties 

AVLS expertise relies on: 

Dynamic finite elements computing  

  • 3D finite element simulation (FEM) using ANSYS software, ground / structure interaction, groundborne waves propagation, structural modifications, vibration mitigation design, Dynamic Absorbers. 
  • Acoustic radiation of structures (structure borne noise) 
  • Development of specific software (SuperDyna, DynPoCou, Survib). 


Dynamic testing  

  • On-site dynamic testing of structures or parts of structures (floors, bridges, footbridges, masts, stacks …). 
  • Experimental modal analysis (ME’Scope software): identification of eigenfrequencies, deformation shapes and associated damping. 
  • 48-channel synchronous signal acquisition: acceleration, particle velocity, strain gauges, dynamic shakers. 

AVLS worked on related projects such as: 

  • Dynamic measurements and damping estimation of concrete bridges under rolling stock excitation (French high-speed line South-West Atltantic) 
  • Short bridges dynamic studies (SNCF IGOA) 
  • Development of two pieces of simulation software for train bridges dynamic loading used by SNCF (SuperDyna, DynPoCou) 
  • Measurements and simulations of eigenfrequencies, accelerations and dampings on pedestrian bridges 
  • Vibration studies of new Paris metro lines L14 – L15 – L16 – L17 – L18 (simulations and measurements)